Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Takeaways: Seahawks Scrape Out a Win in St. Louis

By Jackson Safon

The Seahawks record is 7-1. The best in the NFC, by a half game, and tied for second best in the NFL. And that is just about all the good news I have. The final score was 14-9 but my goodness was that an ugly win. Pete Carroll said, “I got nothing,” to the ESPN cameras as he was leaving the field, but the good news for you is I have found a way to put that game into words.

1. Offensive line?
What happened? I would like an explanation of what in the world has happened to the Seahawks offensive line in the past two weeks. Just two short weeks ago, I was singing the praises of the line for showing improvement, but then the football gods decided to smite me and the Seahawks line, as they seem to have gone missing. ESPN’s “C’mon man” would not even come close to doing justice to how poorly the offensive line played. They allowed seven sacks. Seven. Without a quarterback as mobile as Russell Wilson, that number could have easily reached the double digits. Tom Cable, Seahawks nation is begging you to fix this.

The play at left tackle has been weak ever since Russell Okung was injured.
King 5

2. Ummm…defense?
When it rains it pours. Not only was the Seahawks offensive line terrible but the defensive line allowed huge holes in the Rams running game. The Rams ran the ball down the Hawks throat to the tune of 200 net yards averaging 5.4 yards per carry. That is significantly worse than the Seahawks defensive average and I’m not quite sure why it happened all of a sudden. The Legion of Boom played decent pass defense, but overall I was not all that impressed with the defense. They kept the team in the game with some timely turnovers, so credit has to be given as they essentially won the game for the Hawks, but the unit didn’t play well as a whole.

3. Beastmode?
Marshawn Lynch got only eight carries for 23 yards. Over the course of the entire game. Lynch normally hits those milestones after the first six minutes of the game, but for some reason the offense decided to abandon the run and he finished with his lowest carry and yardage totals this season by far. The team finished with 44 rushing yards and a measly 2.9 average in their worst rushing performance of the season by far. So many issues with the offense yesterday, but abandoning the run didn’t help.

Bruce Irvin was one of the main reasons the Seahawks were able to fend off the Rams last night.
Kevin Casey/Getty Images

4. Bruuuuuuuuuce!
Bruce Irvin everybody. In a game with a comedy of errors, Irvin was one of the only positives and it was a joy to see him play so well. He finished second on the team in tackles, with nine total, as well as an interception and a sack-fumble. He played well throughout most of the game and is making a great transition from defensive end to outside linebacker. He was a weak run defender last year but has taken that challenge head on and is now a plus defender in that area. Furthermore, for a player that is known as a pass rusher, his interception was a great one as he was 25 yards downfield. This shows his always improving coverage skills which will make him exceedingly valuable going forward. But he showed the real reason why the Hawks drafted him with an athletic sack-fumble late in the game. Bruce is a beast and it is great to see him progress.

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