Monday, October 14, 2013

Takeaways: Seahawks Escape with a Victory against the Titans

By Jackson Safon

A win is a win. Even narrow escapes against below average quarterbacks count as wins. And this win combined with the Patriots terrific comeback win against the Saints puts the Seahawks tied for first place in the NFC. There were lots of oddities in this game from the botched field goal at the end of the half that was returned for a touchdown by the Titans, to the fumble by Lynch at the goal line that was given right back to Russell Wilson. Just a strange game. But nonetheless, the Seahawks managed to come out with a win like they always do. Russell Wilson is still undefeated at home and even though this wasn’t the prettiest of games, it was a win and that is really all that matters.
1. The big guns showed up in the second half
The offense performed pretty poorly in the first half, but in the second half, the two guys the offense leans on most, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, came to play. Lynch had over two-thirds of his rushing yards in the second half and Wilson was running around like a man possessed. Lynch really carried the offense throughout big portions of the second half, but every time a big conversion was needed, it seemed Wilson either scrambled and found a man downfield or ran for the conversion himself. In close games you need your best players to lead you to victory and that is exactly what Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson did yesterday.
2. Third down conversions are terrible
Another below average day for the offense in terms of converting third downs, as they completed a mere five of thirteen. The offense has been below the league average and well below the team expectation on third downs this year and that's something that really needs to be improved. The Titans have a quality defense so I give props to them, but if the Hawks are going to compete with the best teams in the conference and the league, third down efficiency needs to be improved.
3. The wide receivers need to get open faster
There is a reason that Russell Wilson is forced to scramble so much and it is not always because of the offensive line play. In fact, the offensive line has slowly been improving this season, but it seems the receiver play has regressed. Even when the offensive line gives Wilson time, he is forced to leave the pocket and run because the receivers simply cannot get any separation in the secondary. There is nowhere for Wilson to go with the ball right now which is limiting the offense. This is just another thing that has to be fixed if the Hawks are going to play at the level they want to.
Percy Harvin is getting close to returning to full strength. When he does, he should add a new element to this offense.
4. Where is the consistency?
One aspect of great teams in all of sports is consistency, which is something the Seahawks seem to be lacking right now. They put together back to back dominating performances in weeks two and three (yes I know week three was against the Jaguars but that does not take away from the fact that they played great), but then have to squeak out a win against a struggling Texans team and lose a tough one on the road to the Colts. Now they barely survive against a Titans team that granted, is improved from years past, but doesn’t have their starting quarterback. The Seahawks need to level out if they are to compete for the top seed in the NFC. Thankfully, the upcoming schedule doesn’t look all that tough, but the next two are both road games against division opponents, the Cardinals and Rams (both are on national TV), so the Hawks are going to have to ramp up their play in order to keep up with the leaders of the conference.
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