Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sweet Perfection: King Felix

When an unthinkable event happens in a city used to losing, people become overjoyed. These kind of events make goosebumps rise on everybody's skin throughout the city and that's exactly what went down at Safeco Wednesday afternoon. I'm just glad that Jack Z. had never thought of or will trade Felix and that the city so used to losing got to witness an amazing event in history.

Felix has been untouchable in his last 7 starts going 4-0 with a 1.84 ERA so leading up to the game everyone was expecting dominance, just maybe not quite this good. After three innings, Felix was only at 24 pitches and he was looking to go at least the distance. He would get hitters in 1-2, 2-2, and 0-2 counts and just make them look like harmless little children as he dropped the 12-6 curve on them at-bat after at-bat and finished with 12 K's on the day. His off speed stuff was probably the best I have ever seen it from him in his career as he had control over those pitches the whole game and threw every pitch with confidence. He caused the Rays to swing and miss 25 times in the game, the most by any pitcher since 2009. Along with the amazing off speed stuff, Felix had his fastball working. His fastball consistently sat in the 91-94 mph range and would occasionally hit 95. Felix's velocity has been in question this season, but he showed improved velocity Wednesday as well as complete control of his fastball. Another thing that I observed while watching the game was that Felix got better as the game went on. His stuff broke more, his velocity rose and his control was on point. That was what made this perfect game so amazing. To show how dominant he was in the latter part of the game, he struck out the side in the 6th and the 8th and 8 of his twelve strikeouts came in the last four innings. He made major league hitters in the rays, playoff contenders, look straight up bad. The Rays had a good of chance against Felix as a toddler has playing one on one against Michael Jordan. That's how dominant Felix was. This perfect game was one of the more dominant ones I have ever seen or heard of. Felix straight up balled out Wednesday afternoon.

This game ends all speculation in Seattle that Felix is the best athlete in the city. No doubt about it. I think this game also was one of the top 3 performances in Seattle sports history. This performance goes along with the double by Edgar, as well as Marques Tuiasosopo's 300/200 game against Stanford. All three performed by hall of fame caliber athletes. Truly amazing.

One more thought on the perfecto. Melky Cabrera should buy Felix dinner for the remainder of his life. On a day where Melky was suspended for the season for his use of Testosterone, Felix stole the show and turned all attention to him and off of the disappointment shrouding over Melky. Just shows how great of a person Felix Hernandez is.

The final part of every blog we write will be dedicated to how high schoolers view all of these events. It gives a truly unique perspective to the blog. I viewed this perfect game overall as inspiring. Felix inspired me to become dominant at what I do and to give it all 24/7. At such an early point in my life, as a high schooler, I still can decide what path my life goes on and this performance inspires me to be the best, and shoot for the best, just like Felix did and was Wednesday afternoon. Felix said he was thinking about a perfect game after the third inning, which shows me that dreaming big can end up in being big. Big time that is. Exactly what Felix Hernandez is. Thanks for reading and keep updated with the blog as more will be coming out day by day.


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