Friday, August 17, 2012

Quarterback Controversy- Seattle Seahawks Edition

I'm expecting big things out of the Seahawks this year. I think a lot of other people are as well. Playoffs should be attainable and maybe even a Conference Championship game if they play extraordinarily. This can all only happen though if you have a solid quarterback who leads the team. In my opinion the Seahawks have two quarterbacks viable for the starting job, those being Russel Wilson and Matt Flynn, with one really sticking out to me. That would be Matthew Flynn, number 15.

Picture by Joe Nicholson, US Presswire

I watched Matt Flynn in college, the one year he started at LSU, and never found that he was that great of a quarterback. I never really thought much of him and believed that he was just a good ol' D1 quarterback. He threw for 2407 yards, 21 touchdowns and had a 56.3% completion rate. Not bad, but not amazing either. In reality and after my research, I realized Matt Flynn was a solid college quarterback who was VERY efficient. That's just the kind of guy he is. Not an All-American or star, but a sufficient well rounded QB. I was wrong about my initial thoughts on Flynn, clearly, as he lead LSU to the national championship over Ohio State that year. When Flynn was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 7th round in 2008, again, I didn't think much of him. I was wrong again. Flynn was the understudy to Aaron Rodgers for four years before becoming a free agent this past offseason. During those four years Flynn learned from the best quarterback in the game and showed his learning's in the two chances he got to start for the Packers. Two years ago Flynn started for an injured Rodgers against the Patriots and put up respectable numbers, throwing for 251 yards and 3 touchdowns. Last year, in a start where the Packers were resting Rodgers, Flynn went off and showed how much he had really learned. Flynn set the franchise record for passing yards by throwing for 480 yards. He also threw 6 touchdowns and had a completion rate of 70.5%, a pro bowl caliber performance. This performance increased his value greatly for the upcoming offseason as he was going to be a free-agent.

Matt Flynn visited the Seahawks and the Dolphins in the offseason before he eventually signed with the Seahawks for a three-year deal worth $26 million, usually a starter's contract. However, in the NFL Draft, the Seahawks selected another quarterback in the third round, Russell Wilson who put up huge numbers his senior year in college, but was drafted low because of his height. Thus a quarterback controversy was started between Russell Wilson, Matt Flynn and Tavaris Jackson (everyone knows he never had a chance). During training camp Pete Carroll reiterated over and over again that each QB had a fair shot, but the competition was, and is between Matt Flynn and Russel Wilson. Each QB got to play a half last Saturday and each played well considering who they were playing against, Flynn against first and second teamers, Wilson against second, third and fourth teamers. The plan is the same for tomorrow's game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. After all the preseason games, I believe that Matt Flynn will be the first team quarterback who steps on the field in Arizona to begin the season as he simply has more experience, knowledge and skill (height too) over Russell Wilson. I believe Matt Flynn will lead the Seahawks to the playoffs, along with their top five defense, and that the team will be one and done. I also believe Matt Flynn will put up solid numbers this year, but it still remains to be seen if he is the QB of the future for the Seahawks and personally I don't think he is. Just like I was wrong about Flynn in college and with the Packers, I hope I am wrong again and I truly hope he exceeds mine and everyone else's expectations.

This QB controversy and competition is fun to watch from a high school student's eyes. You want the best QB for your team, but that fire within you kind of wants to see the underdog win. My heart wants Russell Wilson to win the competition and blow all doubt about his height away, as well as my expectations for him, but my brain says Matthew Flynn will eventually win in the end. Who knows, Flynn could end up leading the Seahawks to a championship this year and many years to come. Only time will tell.

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