Friday, December 6, 2013

Mariners Sign All-Star Infielder Robinson Cano

By Jackson Safon

By now you have already heard the news of the 10 year, $240 million contract the Mariners signed Robinson Cano for and you have probably already heard several takes on it. Here was my take on it when I rolled out of bed and heard the news: HOLY CRAP THE MARINERS SIGNED ROBINSON CANO WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING. Now I am going to attempt to slow down the excitement a bit to try and look at this signing logically.

Logically, it is an interesting signing because the contract itself is pretty bad, but everything that comes with it could make it worth it. Cano is 31 years old, so a 10-year contract is far too long. There’s a pretty good chance he will be a shell of himself by the time the last few years of this contract roll around. Yet this signing is about so much more than just adding Robinson Cano to the roster. It is the first step to making the Mariners relevant again. Signing Cano does so much more than just bring 25+ homers and 95+ RBI (holy smokes those are some nice stats), it allows the Mariners to realistically go after other free agents. Now instead of pitching Willie Bloomquist as their latest free agent signing they can pitch arguably the best second baseman in the American League. That is an unbelievable tool that cannot be undervalued when analyzing this signing.

Cano's swing is considered to be the best in baseball. Absolutely beautiful.
The Source

Now it is time to look towards the future. Except the future is now. Cano is the first step, but now the Mariners have to go add another hitter, whether it be in free agency (Shin-Soo Choo, Mike Napoli or Nelson Cruz?) or via trade (Brad Miller and James Paxton for Matt Kemp?). Whatever they do next, and they will do something next, it will be made possible in large part because of Robinson Cano. The city of Seattle thanks you Robinson.

The next question is what should be the Mariners next move. Should it be to sign a Shin-Soo Choo or Nelson Cruz in free agency, should it be to trade for a guy like Matt Kemp, or should it be to do something similar but instead for a starting pitcher? Matt Garza is a name I floated out a few weeks ago that the Mariners could potentially sign, and reports coming in yesterday were that the Mariners are interested in potentially acquiring David Price from the Rays. At this point it is very difficult to predict what Jack Zduriencik will do next because this is uncharted waters for us as Mariners fans. This has never happened before, at least not on this scale. But if the Mariners add another hitter or two and potentially a starting pitcher as well there is no reason to think this team won’t be able to win now.

Could the Mariners bring in Mike Napoli as well? Only time will tell.
USA Today Sports

The signing of Robinson Cano does so much for the Mariners it’s hard to even fathom. It changes the culture of the entire organization. Not only will we see Robinson Cano on the field but we will see Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© at the games. The Mariners have a chance to really make a play for the AL West if they can sign a couple more key guys.

Jack Zduriencik has made the splash he needed to, but now let’s see if he can swim and continue to make the Mariners better.

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