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Wednesday Wanderings: Seven Win Steve No More, Percy Has No Mercy, and Sounders Finally Do Something Smart

By Marshall Cherrington

Wednesday Wanderings is a weekly column written by Editor-in-Chief and creator of the Sports Soup Network, Marshall Cherrington. He brings you all of his weekly thoughts pertaining to Seattle sports, and anything else for that matter.

The debut of Percy Harvin was almost as spectacular as the debut of this Wednesday Wanderings column just seven weeks ago. Now this column may not have the notoriety of a guy like Percy Harvin, but just you wait, it will in no time (no time meaning lots of time). However, there is a way that this column and Percy Harvin are exactly alike. People laugh at both of them. Percy for being so freaking good, and also this column, for being so freaking good. But actually, I think this column is freaking good when it comes to making you laugh. Anyways, enough with this nonsense.

We’re in the heart of the football season right now and that’s clear if you travel around Seattle. Fans are out in full Huskies and Seahawks gear and will always stop and say, “Go Dawgs” or “Go Hawks” if they see you wearing similar apparel. But it’s always like this around Seattle. In the summer, fans are wearing the same gear. You don’t see any Mariners blue. The passion of the football fans in Seattle never ceases to amaze me and that’s why fall is the best season in Seattle. Despite the Huskies getting stomped by the Bruins of UCLA, Husky fans still showed their pride on Saturday and Sunday. And you already know what happened with the Seahawks. They continued their winning ways, with a little more Harvin number 11 jerseys in the crowd than games in the past. Here are my thoughts on the week that was in Seattle sports.

So, what happened to last Friday being Steve Sarkisian’s signature victory on the road? Was he just not ready or were the players not ready? I think it was a little bit of both. Austin Seferian-Jenkins has to catch that ball early in the game to keep that drive going. More importantly, it’s probably a good idea that you don’t give UCLA the ball in scoring position in the first couple minutes of the game. So much for that. Despite the fumble, I think the team rebounded well in the first half and if it wasn’t for the horrid Pac-12 referees, Demore’ea Stringfellow would have had his first touchdown catch of his career right before halftime. I didn’t know that putting your hands on an opponent’s shoulder was considered hands to the face. Care to explain refs? Yeah, I didn’t think you could. I’m right with Sark on this one as he basically said what good is an apology now if it cost us six points in the game. This is probably one of the only things I will agree with Sark on though, because I definitely did not agree with his play calling at points in the game. Wildcat formation on third and two on a crucial drive in the game? Really Sark? Do you think the Bruins are expecting Bishop Sankey to turn into Tom Brady on one play? I mean really, if I was the Bruins’ defensive coordinator, I would have pretty much sent everyone I had on that play. Pretty obvious the Huskies were going to run it there. At least put the quarterback in there to make the defense think.

Overall, I think the Huskies would have won the game if Keith Price played the second half, but as was obvious he didn’t. If the Huskies want any chance at winning this weekend, Keith will have to be under center and will need to continue on his impressive season so far. I think Cyler Miles is a great quarterback, but it’s just not his time quite yet. It might not even be his time ever though, as I think redshirt freshman Troy Williams could beat him out this upcoming offseason. That doesn’t matter right now though. All that matters to this team right now is to go into Corvallis and upset the Beavers. Steve Sarkisian will be the happiest person in the nation if the Huskies secure a win on Saturday because they won’t be able to call him seven win Steve anymore. Why? Because there is no way the Huskies are going to lose the Apple Cup at home this year. No. Way. And that would be the Huskies’ eighth win. The Huskies have motivation from last year and are the far more talented team that will be playing on that crisp day after Thanksgiving. But they have to deal with the Beavers first and even though you might call me a homer, I think the Dawgs will be able to win this one. With Keith Price at the helm I think the Huskies win it 38-34. With Cyler Miles at the helm, I think it might be a little different story. But not that much different. 37-34 with Cyler at the helm. Huge contrast in predictions, right?

A sight soon to be seen again: a Husky holding the Apple Cup.
The Seattle Times

Now moving on to the Seahawks. My score prediction for the game this past Sunday was off by one score for both teams and that’s pretty good by my standards. I usually whiff completely on predictions, as you all know. There was really no doubt the Seahawks were going to win on Sunday and if you had to miss one game to watch this year it probably would have been this one. But that would only be true if there wasn’t a man named Percy Harvin in this world. This ended up being the one game you didn’t want to miss because of this man. I know I looked for him every play to see if he was in the game and I’m sure a lot of you did as well. Seeing those navy blue tights and bright green shoes in the game was almost too good to be true at times. I was watching the game with my partner in crime Riley Brown and I remember telling him right before THE kickoff return that Percy Harvin would take it all the way to the house. I was a little off, but not too far off. What a return to introduce himself. It’s never a good idea to leave a gap up the middle that big for a guy like Percy Harvin. I was actually surprised he didn't take it back all the way, but the kicker made a great tackle. It’ll be fun to watch this guy when he’s implemented throughout the whole playbook.

Staying on the topic of Harvin, he was only in on 16 plays, but it felt like more than that. He changed the game in so many ways that didn’t show up on the stat sheet like drawing a pass interference penalty (even though it was called back because of a Russell Okung hold) and drawing the safety to cover him up the middle leaving a wide open right side of the field for Russell Wilson to throw a dime to Doug Baldwin. And you’re telling me that was only 16 plays? Please sign me up for a full workload of Percy Harvin, but dear God, please do not let him get injured again. He’s already put in too much work to get to the point where he is today.

The Seahawks are off this week, but are readily preparing for a Monday night showdown with the Saints in a little over one and a half weeks. That will definitely be one to watch. Jon Gruden’s love for the Seahawks was approaching Brent Musberger’s love with Katherine Webb territory before Percy Harvin was on the field for the Seahawks, and now that Percy is back, Gruden might just jump out of the booth. It’ll be a fun one to watch and I’ll give my prediction on that game in the next edition of Wednesday Wanderings.

Watch out Percy. He's got his eyes on you (along with Drake). and BlackSportsOnline

The Sounders made a little noise this past week as they agreed to multi-year contract extensions with both Osvaldo Alonso and Brad Evans. I think these are two exceptional moves by the Sounders’ front office and if management is indeed shopping Eddie Johnson like reports say they are, I think these moves will look even better in the long run. There is such a thing in sports as being too good. That’s the problem the Sounders have right now in the attacking part of their lineup. Eddie Johnson, Obafemi Martins, Clint Dempsey and Lamar Neagle all want their goals, but only so many can be scored. If Eddie Johnson is let go, I think it almost makes the Sounders better. Dempsey will be able to work his magic, Obafemi will get all the passes he wants and needs, and goals will definitely be scored with Evans and Alonso threading passes to them up front. Plus, it gets rid of a guy who has been whining for money for quite some time now. Those are just my two cents though.

Writing the Wednesday Wanderings column never gets boring and it’s even easier to write when you destroy people in Madden earlier in the day. I put up a 50 spot on Jackson today and am now leading the series 6-4. I’m pretty sure that’s the overall record, but if it’s not, I know I’m leading it by at least two games. He just can’t get by my defense. Go back to the drawing board buddy! Anyways, thanks for reading another edition of Wednesday Wanderings. If you have any comments, criticism, hate or love, please just comment below. Everything is appreciated. And I truly mean that. Have a good week Seattle sports nation.

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