Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review of the Shocker- Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers

Well that will get everybody's attention.

On one of the best Mondays of my life entire life, the Seahawks shocked the Green Bay Packers. Even though this is a week late and the Rams lost has dampened my hopes, the vibe of this win is still reverberating around me. I mean we beat the Super Bowl champs, one year removed. That's a big step for a team that just went 7-9 in the previous season.However, the win did not come without its controversy, of course this happens to a Seattle sports team, and in case you missed any of the game, here is our recap and views of what went down at CenturyLink field:

·         Sacks, huge in this game
·         Coming out game for Irvin, Clemons was on point as well
·         Refs missed constant holding calls on Clemons
·         Good pass protection the entire game, Clay got no sacks, protected Russell
·         Run setup the deep pass to golden Tate, well ran route, been waiting on that forever
·         Rodgers was cocky to begin the game with, guns after first play, pushing camera man at end of the game, made win that much sweeter
·         Great first half, still need to make adjustments for second half that Carroll didn't do, needed to anticipate Green Bay changes
·         Hawks weren’t ready for run, that’s how it all got started for the Packers
·         Driver dropped a touchdown in the end zone, should have been a better throw and catch
·         Roughing the passer penalty with 8 minutes left in 4th or PI call on ball intended for Rice had no impact on final outcome of game
·         Golden Tate swatted a ball in the endzone intended for Sidney Rice, definitely was catchable
·         Overall terrible play calling throughout this drive, and really whole game
·         Great stand for the hawks, kept the Packers pinned against their own endzone, almost got ball when Packers fumbled
·         FINAL DRIVE
o   Great catch by Sidney Rice on Russell Wilson rocket throw
o   Tate dropped pass that could have set the Seahawks up pretty, might have not had time to spike it though
§  Good roll out and buying time for receivers by Russ Wilson
§  Blatant push by Tate, but ref can’t call that kind of penalty on final play of the game
§  Green Bay defender Jennings should have just swatted the ball down, would be no controversy at all then
§  In the end, Tate got at least one hand in there and tie of possession goes to the receiver, could have gone either way and the refs saw it that way as they didn’t confirm it with each other before deciding the outcome
·         Really thought this is why home field advantage played huge part in game as play was eventually called touchdown
o   Sort of forced into the call by fans
§  Both sides would have gone into mayhem if play was reversed, refs could have been killed
·         Overall, refs made terrible calls for both sides, both effected the game equally: Kam Chancellor PI call and Golden Tate touchdown call
o   Teams have to play through that in the end
·         What goes around comes around, Super Bowl ’05, ref even admits he robbed us of the game and gave it to the Steelers
·         Russell Wilson lost 3 games last year just like this one, on Hail Mary attempt or referee mistake
·         Overall great game to watch if you’re a Seahawks fan and not enough can be said about the strength of our defense
·         Offense needs work, but huge statement game, can’t wait for exciting rest of the NFL season

Golden Tate is pulled from the end zone scrum by wide receiver Sidney Rice after scoring the winning touchdown.

Even though the Rams loss was tough for me this week, I still have high hopes for the Hawks. I can't be disappointed in them after they have already beat two top-tier teams this year. That's a big accomplishment for the 'Hawks and even though they have lots to work on, the season looks promising. By the way, I still believe that Russell Wilson should be the starter. He has already proved his skill in two big wins this year and even though the team has lost two games they really should have one, Russell is still learning the ins and outs of the offense. Once he figures it out, there will be no looking back. I expect to make the playoffs this year and that will only happen if Russell keeps developing throughout the season, which I believe he will.

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