Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Game Preview: UW Huskies @ LSU Tigers

National exposure. Program changer. Recruiting impact. Top 25. Unbelievable. Amazing. Crazy. Almost impossible. Those are phrases and words that come to my mind when I think about one of the biggest games of the season and the Sark era. Every true Husky fan will be watching the game tomorrow, prime time on ESPN. Get your hot dogs, burgers, chips and salsa because it could be a long game, but thrilling as well.

The Vegas line on the game currently has UW losing by 24 points. That's truly absurd. The Huskies have proven themselves over the past two years and Coach Sark and KP17 won't let that happen. If the Dawgs lose, it'll be by less than 24. I'll bet you that. Players will step up with Callier, Riva and Chrichton out and will shock many viewers. In fact, it's time for the whole team to step it up. It's a statement game. It's time for a W. A big old fat one. Here's a preview of what will be on the field tomorrow night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Following, are positions on each side of the ball and which team I think has the edge in each position.

DT-- LSU-- Montgomery and his boys will just obliterate our depleted line.
DE-- LSU-- The line is just to big and even though Shirley has been impressive for the Dawgs, the Tigers are just to good.
LB-- LSU-- These linebackers have experience in the SEC. Ours? Not a lot of experience, even in the PAC-12.
DB's-- UW-- Desmond Trufant was absolutely ballin in the SDSU game and showed he is truly the best defensive player on the team. Add Shaq Thompson and James Sample, along with Glenn and Shamburger, with Trufant, and then you've got a solid secondary. The loss of Tyrann Matthieu will prove to be to crucial for LSU.
ST-- LSU-- Having a former rugby player on your team as a punter, always helps. All-American punter could keep the Huskies in their own end of the field.
OL-- LSU-- Even with their starting LT out for the game, LSU still has a ton of big boys up front who can protect Zach Mettenberger.
QB-- UW-- Keith Price will be why the Huskies win if they do. He will have to be on point tomorrow and is definitely more experienced and more skilled than Mettenberger.
RB-- LSU-- The Tigers have three solid running backs who lead their offensive attack. With Callier out, UW will be hurting.
TE-- UW-- ASJ will be key. He is KP17's safety net and will have to do a little of everything in this game to help the team win. Basically has to be the Huskies savior besides a guy named Keith.
WR-- UW-- With Kasen Williams on the team, you always have one better wide receiver than the other teams best wideout. The kid is a baller and will be the big play threat that the Tigers will have to keep their eye on.

All this being said, I will stick to my previous prediction, but also will add a couple of points in UW's favor, as well as LSU's. I say 31-20 LSU takes it. However if the Dawgs can contain LSU's monster line, they could pull off a victory and it will rise them to be a national powerhouse. They will be circled on everyone's schedule and will be feared by many. There could be an upset brewing. Everyone watch out for these hungry Dawgs... I have faith in my boys.


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